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Certainty with Socioeconomic Management Systems​

Over the past couple of decades, a cult has grown up around teams. Several Frameworks generated the myth that if knowledge workers are given more control of the process, they will come up with acceleration and be far more productive. Also, the word transformation has become an overused and cliche term in business today. The belief that working in teams enables more creativity and productivity is so widespread that when faced with challenging unforeseen business bunches, leaders are quick to assume that teams are the best way to get the job done. We see organisations as mental constructs and structures are what the organization is, whereas a process is what the organization does. 

What we offer​?

Scaling knowledge work for productivity and reducing transaction costs using Socioeconomic Management System. We see permeable hierarchical structures as a new prerequisite to ensure Business Agility with economic thinking at all levels. Our lived experience brought us to the practicable solution that Socioeconomic Management Systems must be fast adaptable. It results only in success when your social system consists of normative, formative and informative structures that become not harmed. Business Agility must support permeable hierarchical structures to successfully achieve elasticity, recovery, and a variety of mechanisms. Consequently, the deductive principle is an important part of achieving the desired social dynamics of stability. The soccer system analogy is related to companies structural system. The trainer is the mantle holding the pillars together and predictably acting in a divergent dynamic environment seeking certainty. 

What can Permeable Management Systems do for you?​

  • Fast decision processes by avoiding yesterday’s logic and Buridan’s Bridge
  • Permeable management top-down authority for joined-up effort and strategy became a determinant of success for knowledge-work
  • Learn how to see your company structure in different ways and its supportive effects predictable meet constant changes. For instance, organizations today are an aggregate of projects
  • Integrating new technologies is always a system change. They are also subject to frequent and unpredictable changes. We provide a range of flexible services to support scaling new technology processes
  • To this effect, every new technological change is a prototype itself and we help you directly engage this external unpredictability
  • The New Normal changed leadership sensemaking the absorption of uncertainty
  • We provide real-life examples that everything takes a different shape when we pass from abstractions to reality

Who should attend?​

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Senior Architects
  • Senior Engineers, Operations, Hardware
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Product Owners

Students will learn​

  • Why Buridan’s Bridge impacts business
  • Understanding that every new technological change is a prototype
  • Leadership must sensemaking the absorption of uncertainty

We include Subnautica to show the effects of fast decisions.

  • Fast anticipation of dynamic structures
  • Adapting fast decisions
  • Rationalisation of the unknown
  • Build a purposeful stable system 

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