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We empower you to independently identify the specific challenges in your company’s product development processes, R&D engineering processes, or migrations without imposing rigid frameworks. Our success in consulting is measured by the tangible outcomes we achieve for your company, rather than by the number of consulting days.

Each of our offerings is customised to meet your company’s unique needs and seamlessly integrated with your existing functional processes. We take a proactive approach to support you in influencing your systems with suitable stimuli to ensure optimal success.

Replicability as ability to reproduce adaption

Maximizing Value in Product Development, R&D Engineering, and Migrations through Adaptive Change Management

  • Utilize the power of strategic uncertainty management

  • The deductive principle paves the path to Business Agility

  • Rapid adaptiveness in minimal time

  • Increasing stability and safety​

  • Unlocking creativity through unforeseen shifts

  • Unleash the potential for replicable adaptation


The effectiveness of adaptation relies on the deductive principle

After many years in projects for different high-tech industry sectors, we experienced that organisations should rather be understood as mental constructs and habit stacking is the way to success. All of us agree that the structure created by organisations is real and this implies that organizing is an act of permanent anticipating and scaling. These are a view of the reasons why we shaped the deductive principle. Meeting effective turnarounds with an urgent need for scaling knowledge work is the ultimate success criterion. Pre-assembled frameworks or stage models mostly fail because of their inability to rapidly adapt to changing conditions of product changes and integrate new technologies. 

Adaptive Change Management Consultings foundation is the deductive principle. The deductive principle is best explained by soccer tactics and strategies. The soccer analogy to enterprise structures is highly visible to understand recovery, elasticity, and variety from the standpoint of getting a picture of how rapidly reconfigure for the next match. Insofar as every soccer match is a prototype itself. 

counter attack, Konter, adaption, Adaption, soccer, Fußball
soccer, Fußball, Konter, counter attack
middle field, Mittelfeld, soccer, GSV, Güssing, Fußball
attack, tripping, trippeln, Anfgriff

Adaptive Change Management newly developed advanced Socioeconomic Kanban Systems

Good regulator data emerges from Socioeconomic Kanban Systems mirroring functional processes

Did you know that the true inventors of Socioeconomic Kanban Systems are high-class hotels and top restaurants?

In these areas of work, employees are confronted with new challenges and altered working conditions every day, but still, manage to be resilient and flexible.

The mistakes of the past are not there to be intimidated by, but rather to learn from them, to be better prepared for the next day, but still ready for new challenges at any time.

They are cooperating in an interdependency system setting and bring the art of considering uncertainty as normality by low interdependency costs to reality. 


A real-life example of interdependency systems managing fast-changing conditions

Involved individuals and teams institutionalize social structures by continually optimizing ongoing processes. Departments foster collaborative social structures, leveraging each expert’s expertise and digital technology to share outcomes. For instance, various medical treatments demonstrate that proactive adjustments optimise patient well-being by reducing unnecessary “idle times” from the outset.

Adaptive Radiation Therapy is a real-life example of an interdependent system for coping with rapidly changing conditions.

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