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All of our team members used to live abroad for several years in different countries and with different industries. Hence, the benefit for you is that all of us are on seniority level and experienced with different cultures.

Roland Konrad Kobald

Owner, Founder

Languages: German, English
Adaptive Change Management is a reaction to the insufficiency of one-size-fits-all frameworks to adapt to the New Normal of constant market uncertainness rapidly. Adaptive Change Management reduces transaction costs and ensures short reaction times to changing conditions. I understand a corporate culture as a cultural value system consisting of normative, formative, informative and technical structures. My motivation is to offer our clients adaptive stimuli in a way that enables product development and migrations stabilization and certainty with low transaction costs.

Philip Thomas Müller


Languages: German, English
After his A-level, Philip performed his military service for Austria. He volunteered also for a couple of military missions abroad. He studied law and is a partner of the Adaptive Change Management Kobald GmbH. Philip provides advice in European and International law.

Nina Čedić


Languages: English, Serbian
After her A-level and modelling career, Nina studied computer science. She started working as a software tester as well as providing consultancy in this area. Nina runs her own company and leads software engineering teams. She is also a partner of Adaptive Change Management Kobald GmbH.

Maja Majstorović

Adaptive Change Management Event Manager

Languages: Serbian, English, Spanish
After her economics study, Maja became a Travel Business Manager&Consultant with experience in Congress, Leisure and Nautical tourism. She is also a communication manager in the field of industrial marketing. Maja runs her own business and is also an Event Manager with Adaptive Change Management Kobald GmbH.

Our Software Engineering Team

Our engineering team consists of top-trained software engineers with modern, innovative ideas and solutions. Their feature is that they develop any low-fidelity workflow prototype to make flow changes, the impact of target dates, interdependency effects and cost-down effects visible. This visualisation makes a difference to PowerPoint cinema. We are happy to provide you best visualisation for confidence building.

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