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Stability with Socioeconomic Kanban Systems​

Our modernised Socioeconomic Kanban Systems are dedicated to allowing companies to run their daily business while actively absorbing market disruptions. We learned with our clients that it is not about maturity models or long-lasting journeys but letting tailored functional Socioeconomic Kanban Systems rapidly adapt to external and internal changes. They ensure fast meeting of customer demands and rapid anticipation of changing market unpredictably. The leverage of Socioeconomic Kanban Systems is deeply correlated to managing variety which refers to a possible set of sensemaking decisions while changing. The so-called good regulator mechanism is a general condition for efficacious adaptiveness and absorbing business punches.

What we offer​?

The Covid pandemic and other economic bundles of clashes have proven that companies are able to anticipate their actions in real-time when unexpected circumstances show up. We foster the true adaptiveness of companies to maintain dynamically stable state conditions for Business Agility that unpredictability doesn’t disable functional processes and also ensures fast reaction times aligned with keeping core business operations by reducing transaction costs.

What can Stability with Socioeconomic Kanban Systems do for you?​

  • Guarantor finding the right adaption zones to scale knowledge work
  • Learn why traditional changing approaches are inadequate for adaptivity in times of the New Normal​
  • How handling not expected events with no prior model for such unpredictability with Socioeconomic Kanban Systems
  • Succeed with faster reaction times, target dates and delivery dates by focusing on your normative, formative and technical structures
  • How to include the deductive principle in your daily operations to achieve reusable scaling success
  • Drive adaption with the three major variables for a stable system

Who should attend?​

  • Leaders at all levels
  • Senior Architects
  • Senior Engineers, Operations, Hardware
  • Project Managers
  • Program Managers
  • Product Owners

Students will learn​

  • Adaption zones
  • The Good Regulator
  • Requisite variety 
  • Autopoiesis

We include Clash of Clans to show effects in real time.

  • Rationalisation of Interdependency​
  • Information is key to early engagement
  • Maintains a structured and comprehensive way​
  • Proactively manage the change system

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